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"We have used Kerry Le Maitre – Silver Lining Landscaping for the last seven years, and I personally have worked with Kerry all those years. We are one of four Condo Towers with a large Garden area. Kerry and his Crew are always on time and do an excellent Job. All of them are friendly and helpful. What I appreciate most, Kerry is always available to discuss and listen to new ideas and changes to improve the look of our gardens. All the work involved with improvements/changes are done on time and to my satisfaction. I have nothing but praise for Kerry LeMaitre’s Silver Lining Landscaping."

Erna Quitzau - Council Member/ Garden committee at The Mackenzie


“Nothing but praise from the council on the removal of the tree and fixing up the lawn and garden. Thanks from all of us for the excellent job that you and your boys do. Have a good day."


Gail - Council Member/ Garden committee at Citadel Green


"Just want to let you know how much council and myself appreciate all the hard work everybody puts into the garden it is really really beautiful this year. The front door pots are truly gorgeous, your choices exceptional. Hope you enjoy this heat. Have a fabulous week”.


Karen - Council Member/ Garden committee at The Crescendo


“I just wanted to let you know that our property has never looked better since Silver Lining took over in Sept/14, 2014. What an amazing job you and the crew do - very professional, hardworking and show great pride in your work.”


Cheryl - Council President/ Garden Committee at The Sentinel


“Thank You so much Kerry, with the sun shining when I look out the back windows it looks amazing again. You & your staff all did a great job.See you soon. Audrey”


Audry - The Brisa


“Our Strata (LMS 4091) located at 6th and Granville had Silver Lining as our Landscapers for the past three years. We were very pleased with Kerry and his company. Kerry and his team are reliable, professional and knowledgeable. They were also capable of handling the quirks and specific items that are bound to come up in a Strata complex. Since we switched to Silver Lining we received many positive comments from the owners about the gardens and landscaping.

Kerry is more than responsive. I appreciated his quick responses to email and expert help. Over the past few years we also worked on an improvement plan for our gardens and Kerry and his team were instrumental in the implementation.”


Rosemary Shaw - Council President (LMS 4091)


“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to acknowledge the gorgeous job you and the crew did on the driveway gardens with the rock beds. It exceeded my expectations on how it could look. You really have an artistic eye for gardens.”


Cheryl – The Sentinel president


“Kerry- you and your crew met our expectations. Your crew, including yourself, are approachable and helpful when asked for a little extra. Keep your lawnmower blades sharp and keep up the good work.”


Ray – Council President at Selkirk


“Council is very pleased with your company’s work and they are impressed. Please keep up the good work.”


Daniela S. - Strata Manager at Associa British Columbia, Inc


“We are very pleased about the work you and your employee’s do around the complex. You are all a very nice mannered group. Look forward to many good years ahead.”


Ed & Gaile – Residents at Citadel Green


“They have improved our property and are getting it back into shape after neglect by bad landscapers. They make being the landscape coordinators job easy as Kerry and his crew are always on top of any landscaping needs.


I found Silver Lining by asking a friend who did their grounds as they always looked so nice and I haven't been disappointed. The crew always have their green shirts and jackets on and are very professional. Kerry is always available to discuss any landscaping issues. He is very diplomatic in dealing with the various owners and I only receive compliments about the gardeners.


Silver Lining also looks after our irrigation system. They are the best landscaping crew that we have had in the past ten years and I hope they stay with us for the next ten plus.”


Gail W. – Council Member/ Garden committee at Citadel Green


"I also want to thank-you for the attention to detail and all the hard work you and your team put into the landscaping at Roycroft. I look forward to working with you next year to take the landscaping maintenance to a new level.”


Ross Belyea – Property Manager at Campbell Strata Management Ltd.


“Silver Lining does an excellent job. They are clean, efficient, very pleasant to work with and have great ideas. Keep up the good work. Cannot think of anything that needs improvement. The company is well managed already.”


Karen G. – Council Member/ Garden committee at The Crescendo


“Reliability with weekly maintenance. Cordial and effective communication both with crew and with owner. Ready suggestions/collaboration about appropriate plants and suitable location. Willingness to plant donated material. Owner's direct involvement in maintenance work, being on-site regularly, openness to suggestions from strata.”


Jean D. – Council Member/ Garden committee at The Sinclair


“Attention to detail”


Dearlake Breeze council


“Always enjoy the communication with Kerry! Top notch! Work crews are professional and always keep our property looking great! Keep up the good work!”


Ryan G. – Council President/ Wynwood


“Working with Kerry who is always open to our needs and suggestions and also provides us with some outstanding suggestions as well. We have heard from our residents that our gardens are looking great! We would recommend this company to other strata’s if we receive inquiries.”


Clair - Council Member/ Garden committee at The Sentinel


“I like the friendly people I like the fact that everything gets done no matter what time it is, I like the timeliness of orders being collected and planted. Just keep up the good work......listen to people as you have been doing and give your expert advice when needed.......good job all around!!!”


Robyn - Council Member/ Garden committee at The Riviera


“You and your crew are very responsive. and we appreciate you coming forward with ideas and suggestions that will work in our place. We are looking forward to your plans. You care about what Owners say about the gardens and take pride in doing good work. Your workers seem motivated to get the job done and they do not waste time.”


Reg - President of the Riviera


“The Circle looks GORGEOUS. Another job well done and the compliments just keep rolling in.”


Karen - Strata Council/ Cresendo


“We really appreciate your efforts to date and the Strata wanted to make sure you knew that we have heard great feedback to date with your service at our building~!”


Kyle- Strata Council/ Gardenia


“As usual you got winning accolades from the residents here at citadel green so thanks to you and your crew.”


Gail - Strata council/ Citadel Green

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